Slide New Era in Alcohol Uncover the secrets of a 230-year-old spirit. Zwack Unicum has become one of the most popular alcoholic beverages around the world, as it has been representing excellence, a perfect taste experience and tradition for 230 years. The bitters recipe dates back to 1790 & although Unicum’s recipe is a secret, one thing is for sure: this unique drink is made from a blend of more than 40 carefully selected herbs and spices. Read More Slide New Era in Alcohol Explore the world of award-winning spirits, fruit brandies, and enjoy the pure taste of premium quality alcoholic beverages. Read More

the queen of all fruit brandies

Szicsek’s 3 Years Old Pear Palinka (44%ABV, 0.7L)

  • Szicsek’s 3 Years Old Pear Palinka
  • Recommended for light meals and dessert
  • Best served cold or at room temperature
  • An aged pear brandy with whiskey-like flavour
  • GMO-free, 100% fruit spirit
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You must have heard about this fiery spirit, called palinka. In the following article, you will learn about the history of palinka, how palinka is made and what the most popular palinka-fruits are. Let’s dive in the world of this divine spirit!

How palinka is made?

Pálinka is a fruit spirit – with protected designation of origin – produced in Hungary and four Austrian provinces. Today’s concept of pálinka was founded in the 2000s, following the protection of the origin of pálinka.

Sparkling wine vs. champagne

what’s the difference?

Classic Pear Palinka (50%ABV, 0.5L)

  • Classic pear palinka 50%ABV
  • Best served cold or at room temperature
  • GMO-free, 100% fruit brandy
  • Artisan pear brandy
  • Perfect “strong shot” drink
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Quince Palinka with Honey (34%ABV, 0.5L)

  • Quince & Honey Liqueur
  • Aged in charred oak barrels
  • GMO-free, natural, artisan fruit brandy
  • Made from 100% fruit
  • Goes well with a cheese platter
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Although many see them as synonymous, one who puts an equal sign between the meaning of sparkling wine and champagne is mistaken. For lay wine consumers, even minimally carbonated wines are often described as champagne. However, this statement is incorrect, as the difference between sparkling wine, semi-sparkling wine and champagne is quite significant. We could also say that all champagne is sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wine is champagne. In the following, we dig down to the bottom of the basic similarities and differences between the drinks, which are becoming more and more popular around the world.


All you need to know about the Queen’s favourite

Unicum Zwack Bitters 40% V/V, 700 ml

  • Intense and dark brown in colour
  • Attractive balance, strong and clean on the finish
  • Produced from more than 40 different herbs
  • Bitter herbal liqueur
  • Perfect as an aperitif
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Premium Apricot Palinka (44%ABV, 0.5L)

  • Made from 100% fruit
  • Great Taste Award Winner 2020
  • Best served cold or at room temperature after a light meal, dessert or as a cocktail
  • Artisan fruit brandy
  • GMO-free, natural
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For many years, one of the best known and most sought-after drinks was gin. Then it slowly lost its popularity among the alcoholic beverages. However, nowadays gin and its varieties and cocktails, like the famous gin & tonic and Tom Collins cocktail are more popular than ever. Let’s see why and let’s find out what gin really is and how it’s made.

How gin is made?

Gin is a juniper-flavored drink. During its preparation, only natural herbs are added to high-quality fine spirits. These spirits are grain-based – that is why many people think that gin is basically vodka.

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